“I am a proud parent of a BNS Graduate. BNS provided my daughter with a top notch first school experience.  Their program thoroughly prepared her for the rigors of an everyday UPK. They seamlessly combine a structured curriculum with free choice time, while nurturing community building and self-confidence. Living in Victor, we were not limited in our choices for nursery schools. BNS exceeded our expectations in quality and value.” -Karen Lake

“All four of my children have gone through the program at BNS.  What an amazing place to start their education.  My youngest child Jack has a severe speech delay and I was amazed at how far he has come in the last year due to a wonderful group of children and the patients that was shown to Jack as he was learning.  The program was flexible and allowed his speech therapist to push in two days a week.  It was also very nice that with their open door policy, I was able to stop in at any time and check on things. 
Mrs. Miller is a dedicated teacher and always trying to engage the children.  When Jack graduated, he was able to identify all of the upper case letters of the alphabet and most of the lower case.  He can also count to 30 and knows all of the colors and shapes by site.  My husband and I both feel that there is no other nursery school in the area that can compare.  We are just lucky enough to be so close that our children were able to attend.  I cannot thank the teachers and Administrator enough for the kindness they showed our children each and every day.” -Jamie Day

“Both of our sons attended Bloomfield Nursery School (2010-2011 and 2011-2012).  If you are looking for a warm and nurturing environment as your child's first school experience, BNS is the place! Our boys started BNS with very different personalities and needs. They blossomed with the supportive, respectful ways the teachers instruct each child. Your child will learn important life skills such as making friends, sharing, respect for others and kindergarten readiness.  This all happens while building a positive self-image.We have wonderful memories of  BNS! Each child received a great foundation for learning and transitioned to elementary school successfully. BNS is good for the entire family. We could not have been more pleased!” -Jason and Kelly Dredger

“Bloomfield nursery school was a wonderful experience for our whole family. The fundraisers gave my husband and I the opportunity to be involved in our son's first experience with school as well as to connect with the teachers and other parents. Helping in the classroom was also very rewarding. It was awesome to watch my child interact with his friends and allowed me the chance to get to know his classmates. Mrs. Miller was excellent. She genuinely cared about the children in the class and had a personal relationship with each child. She was also always willing to discuss any question or concern I might have. But the most amazing thing about BNS was how my son grew emotionally. He started the year a very shy, scared, introverted child. It was often painful for me to watch him struggle. Nursery school helped him find himself. He is now a very self-confident boy who seeks out children to play with at the park and will often introduce himself to adults with a handshake. We are incredibly thankful for our time at Bloomfield Nursery School!” -Jennifer and Chris Jones